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Trilogy University CNU Edition

Designed for software developers, Trilogy University: CNU Edition (Code Nation University) is a technical training program focused on teaching developers how to optimize the software development process and deliver cost-effective world-class software products. The remote program is taught by real-world practitioners who have developed applications for organizations around the world.

Trilogy RemoteU for Individuals

As a programmer’s 1-Day bootcamp , RemoteU for Individuals teaches leading-edge programming practices based on software factory theory all within a 100% remote workplace with daily, instead of monthly goals. Participants must reach a specific productivity level, or they don’t move forward. Lessons teach better ways to code to save time and can be scaled to 100+ development teams.

Trilogy RemoteU for Managers

Focused on the development of technical team managers, RemoteU for Managers is a 4-week bootcamp focused on improving the ability to effectively build and manage a remote, high performing software development team, launching virtual team projects, virtual communication, constructive conflict and collaboration, decision-making and accountability and diversity of cross-cultural teams.

Lambda School

Trilogy is committed to helping prepare individuals for the in-demand software development jobs of the future. If one of the above Trilogy programs is not what you are looking for today, we encourage you to also check out the Lamba School. We’re huge fans and love the program!

Live, online tech classes with real-time collaboration. Pay nothing until you get a job paying at least: $50K.

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