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100% Remote: Crossover

Trilogy went global and fully remote a decade earlier than everyone else. Trilogy uses Crossover as its HR platform for recruiting and managing its fully remote workforce and has been instrumental in helping Crossover evolve to where it is today.

Competitive pay

We believe people should be paid based on their value to the company, not the lowest rate they’d accept. We only hire the best 1% of employees, so we pay above-market to secure them – and we pay everyone in the same job equally.

Hiring from anywhere in the world

Everyone inherently understands why an Olympic sports team will always have better players than a local team. This principle applies to the workplace too – hiring worldwide enables us to fill our team exclusively with rockstars.

Fair and inclusive hiring process

A résumé tells you a lot about a person. Too much. The only way to remove bias from the recruitment process is to automate as much as possible, and conduct assessments that objectively measure only aptitude and quality. So that’s what we do.

Anna S

I find it very motivating to have weekly metrics and goals with a great system that breaks through the daily routine.

Anna S

Financial Analyst

Ivan M

Remote Camp was the most challenging experience I have ever had but within one month, I expanded my skills like crazy, gained a group of friends and colleagues from all over the world, and feel ready to jump in to my new team.

Ivan M

L1 Customer Support Engineer

Manimaran Selvan

I’m working at Trilogy since Jan 2015. I started from an entry level position and have grown into the Cloud Software Architect role over these years. We are pioneering the remote work culture. If you have the discipline, pace and the technical excellence, this is a pretty good place for you.

Manimaran Selvan

Cloud Software Architect

Natalia U

The fast pace rhythm the team is working under, the multiple projects which are being juggled, the different types of salespeople in the team and the right leadership are the perfect combination for my successful professional climb.

Natalia U

Inside Sales Representative

Nishita B

Here you never get bored: there’s an endless amount of opportunity to grow, learn, and add value.

Nishita B

QA Manual Tester

Shrawan Sharma

I joined Trilogy almost 6 years back. It has been a wonderful experience working with great guys. I got an opportunity to grow myself as a DB chief architect. It has been a journey full of learnings, challenges and rewards. Shrawan Sharma

DB Chief Architect


Check out the success stories of workers from all around the world. It’s a testimony of how Trilogy has had an impact on the careers of many.

Colombo, Sri Lanka |  Software Engineer

Isuru Samarasinghe

Working remotely as a Software Engineer for Trilogy has enabled him to reinvest that time on the things that really matter.

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Istanbul, Turkey |  Finance Manager

Irem Ozkan

Irem has never seen coaching so prioritized and done so well as at Trilogy, where she’s worked since 2019.

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Bucharest, Romania |  Inside Sales Representative

Mihai Medesan

Mihai was the first Bucharest partner to join Crossover from Oracle, and since he joined many people have followed.

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