Support That Wows!

Great Problem Solvers + The Best Knowledge Base
= Happy Customers

Content is King

Self-service that works is win-win for everyone. That’s why we obsess over the quality of our knowledge bases. Every support inquiry that requires human assistance triggers a deep dive to understand why and actions to improve the knowledge base content.

Multi-channel Support

Chat, phone, email, video – it’s all here. Our agents are amazing communicators and troubleshooters and become experts at each product they support.

Insights and Improvements

Each business receives weekly insights about the health of their customer base, recurring challenges that users face and an evolved knowledge map.

Grounded in Tech

So many of the products on the Trilogy platform are very technical, which requires a high level of technical aptitude in our support service. Where most tech support stops at the edges and burdens the development team with frequent escalations, our support service is able to solve the most challenging problems because of our deep technical knowledge and ability to learn.