Managed Cloud

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Lift & Shift On-Premise to Cloud

he Trilogy Business Platform is not only for new software companies. Many businesses that have been operating for 10+ years realize that they can improve their quality and efficiency by adopting the platform. When those businesses are operating in their own data centers and colocation facilities, they use the Lift & Shift service to rapidly migrate them to the cloud.
With 100s of migrations completed and millions of dollars invested in automation, we complete migrations of the most complex applications and its infrastructure in under three months, enabling businesses to rapidly reduce their spending on managing hardware, real estate, and migration itself.

Platform Standardization

Once the Lift & Shift is complete, we move containers to the Central Container Service, which provides a central compute engine, removing an overhead to cluster management and allowing development teams to focus on building and operating products instead of managing the infrastructure. It automatically scales in and out based on both infrastructure utilization and application-specific performance requirements.
Central DB Service provides a fully managed, scalable, and monitored service which exposes standard management API for the most popular relational DBs: MySQL, Postgres, MSSQL, and Oracle.
It uses shared infrastructure to achieve the best cost efficiency while making sure each tenant has the required resources and is not impacted by other tenants. A high SLA is guaranteed for each Product.

Cost Optimization

Uncontrolled growth of cloud costs is a common issue faced by medium and large enterprises. We are constantly improving our heuristics systems that are continually identifying such opportunities and automatically executing your cloud resources’ required modification.
You can think about it as a garbage collection and defragmentation running in the background, ensuring that your system always reclaims unused resources.

Product Optimization

Our product optimization improves the performance of business logic, reduces DB query response times, and optimizes the infrastructure use. That also leads to improved customer experience, better resource utilization, and reduced infrastructure costs. Our extensive library helps us solve performance bottlenecks by choosing proven and tested solutions ranked on simplicity, safety, and performance impact.

SaaS Support

Our experienced cloud engineers actively monitor the health of the infrastructure and respond to incidents 24×7. A high level of automation and internal processes allow us to provide aggressive SLAs for outage resolutions, technically detailed root cause analyses, and permanent solutions.
Centralization and standardization allowed us to focus on key technologies and build up an extensive library of monitoring, response playbooks, and escalation paths.
You can think about it as a garbage collection and defragmentation running in the background, ensuring that your system always reclaims unused resources.