New York Auto Giant Group

New York Auto Giant GroupWhat’s important to us is that we have an effective partnership with our manufacturer lead provider. We have a solid BDC, an innovative website, a world class process here at the New York Auto Giant Group; but we require a lead provider to help us effortlessly interface with our consumers in the most productive way possible. Trilogy Smart Leads supplies the foundation we need to close our future prospects in a timely and effective matter. The lead quality is great which means I’m spending less time chasing down defective leads. In the long run– I’m saving time! The customer service Kim Irwin and her team provide is outstanding!

Morgan Buonaiuto
Business Development Manager
New York Auto Giant Group

Gary Rome Auto Group

Gary Rome Auto Group“I am the Internet Manager for a Hyundai dealership in Western Massachusetts so I deal with about 6 to 7 different lead vendors on a monthly basis. Many of these companies cause way too many headaches for the price that is paid for the service but Trilogy is by far the easiest lead provider to deal with and I get the most sales in comparison to the rest of our providers. At the end of each month when I go through all of my leads to pick out the bad ones with incorrect contact info they are credited back to me with no problem. The staff I have dealt with from all around the world have the best people skills I could ask for and emails are replied to quickly every time. One representative in particular, Shankar D. who is from Nepal, is always there to help me with anything I need and is very friendly while conducting business. Kim I. is very resourceful and has always been there since I started with Trilogy to help me resolve any issues quickly and efficiently. She has even helped me with other problems that weren’t even related to Trilogy. I highly recommend Trilogy and have been more than pleased with the business we have conducted.”

Rick Betterton
Internet Manager

Jim Click Automotive Team

Jim Click Automotive TeamThroughout our experience with the Trilogy program, we have experienced a level of customer service we rarely find with other providers. Our business challenges are unique in our market area, and Trilogy’s willingness to adjust their business according to the market is a very fresh change from any other service provider we have worked with. Trilogy’s SmartLeads Portal is easy to use, highly functional, and is easily customized for our ever-adjusting business plans. With three Hyundai franchise locations (and 10 total franchises in one market), the effectiveness of the Trilogy program to provide quality, in market, and contactable leads is unrivaled among any lead provider we have explored.

Alex Pflug
Internet Director
Jim Click Automotive Team
Holmes Tuttle Ford Lincoln

Hyundai of New Port Richey

Hyundai of New Port RicheyFrom a sales perspective, they are thrilled with SmartLeads because the quality of leads they are getting is far higher. We are over 25% (close rate). More leads, more viable leads, more sales…happy employees.

If we think the lead doesn’t work, if we think the lead is a duplicate lead, or low quality lead, they just give us our money back, no questions asked.

Scott Fink
Hyundai of New Port Richey

Jim Norton Toyota

Jim Norton ToyotaOne of the most amazing things to me was the way Trilogy stood behind their product. If the dealer says it wasn’t worthwhile to him, they don’t charge him for it—it’s as simple as that.

Michael Rentschler
General Manager/Partner
Jim Norton Toyota
Lawton, OK

Lester Glenn Auto Group

Lester Glenn Auto GroupWe would highly recommend the trilogy program as we have had much success with it. From 2,241 leads, we’ve had 425 new sales for Hyundai – a 19% close rate. A key to our success is our BDC answering the leads very quickly usually less than 2 minutes, and having the managers at the showroom get involved by reconfirming the appointments set. The managers introduce themselves, and build rapport to ensure the transition from BDC to showroom manager meet and greet is flawless!

Chris R. Hardick
Business Development Director
Lester Glenn Auto Group