3rd Party Leads

Our innovative 3rd Party Leads Program uses a patented Buyer Intention Engine to identify the best new and used leads from a broad array of providers.

This enables us to deliver the highest close rate in the industry and the volume dealers need.  We also identify the source of every lead we send and provide monthly performance reports that reflect the lead closing ratio by supplier.  Try finding this transparency anywhere else!


3rd Party Leads Program

How it Works


acquireIcon Acquire

Partners with providers throughout the industry to acquire the highest quality new and used leads.

Trilogy partners with the widest breadth of lead suppliers in the industry and ensures the most valuable leads are transmitted to your dealership.  SmartLeads is a key provider of leads from Edmunds, Kelly Blue Book, and numerous other distinguished partners.  We manage our partner contracts to ensure SmartLead dealers are given preferential access to all customer purchase requests – in fact our dealers regularly receive high quality leads that other providers don’t realize exist.  We also uniquely source leads from virtually every supplier in the industry because our proven scoring engine (see below) isolates genuine in-market shoppers from disinterested web surfers.  This allows SmartLeads to generate the greatest volume of high quality leads in the industry.


filterIcon Score & Filter

Evaluates every lead to measure purchase intent

The proprietary SmartLeads scoring technology uses comprehensive data mining combined with statistical predictive modeling to determine whether or not each lead has been submitted from a shopper with genuine intent to purchase.  This is much more than scrubbing leads for accurate contact information; it’s actually determining if the customer is a real buyer. We are the only provider that rejects leads from tire kickers and sends them back to the supplier, not to our dealers.  The results prove our technology works! Our close rate is over 20 percent for accepted leads and is near zero percent for the leads we reject.  This means dealers get the best leads without paying for and without being distracted by the junk.

In addition to providing the highest quality leads, our SmartLeads scoring technology identifies those prospects that should be contacted soonest.  These leads are marked “High Priority” because they are from consumers that are most likely to be shopping today.  This information helps retailers plan and execute follow-up efforts to close more deals. In fact, this prioritization has proven to increase Internet close rates by up to 20 percent.


measureIcon Deliver

Provides comprehensive metric reports that drive profitable sales growth

Visibility and transparency – a shared view of truth – is essential to reach the right conclusions and to make the right management decisions.  Our user-friendly metric reports clearly identify where each and every lead originates so dealers know exactly what they’re buying.  Additionally, the metric reports reflect closing rate performance by individual lead provider and for all lead providers in total, along with key benchmarks like regional averages.  We also provide a complete reconciliation report that reflects the status of each lead, including whether the customer bought at your dealership or another.  We not only send these reports electronically, but also send them via US Mail because we know many dealers are more likely to open their mail than they are to access online reports on a regular basis.

For dealers that seek a deeper understanding of their performance, we provide data-rich dashboards that allow you to drill down to the most granular information including insightful graphics, trend reports, heat maps and more.  This information ensures complete accountability for us and for our dealers and increases productivity at the retail level.



Fair pricing. Complete Satisfaction. Proven results. Who knew such a thing existed?

Trilogy SmartLeads offers all dealers the same $22 per lead price.  The best quality leads at a price that makes sense and is not higher for one dealer than it is for another.  And, of course, lead quality is guaranteed with our no hassle return policy.  Try to find another provider that is so transparent about its pricing policy.  In essence this is what we’re all about: complete transparency, superior quality, fair value and outstanding customer satisfaction! Your team can be excited about third party leads once again.

We stand behind our leads. As a result, we provide our dealers the best return policy in the industry.  You can return a lead at any time for any reason without condition.  We also let you adjust your volume, or even pause the program, as your business needs dictate.  And, of course, you can cancel at any time without onerous notification periods or costs.

We can do all of this because Smartleads works – our leads are the best in the industry. SmartLeads close rates double the industry average, which generates twice the gross margin for our dealers.  Don’t settle.  Demand better.