Dealer Portal

The Industry’s Best Administrative Tool

Control every aspect of the program and view key performance data all in one convenient location.


View leads in real-time

New and Used leads appear real-time in the administrative portal for easy search and download capability.  Lead details also are transmitted directly into your dealer CRM tool and sent via email directly to dealer contacts.



Return any lead with a single click

We trust our customers! Lead returns are completed in a single click: no forms, no approval, no hassle.  All requests receive an instant acceptance notification.  The most user-friendly return policy in the industry – bar none!

Credit Requests


Manage your target market

Conveniently set boundaries by mileage radius, specific zip codes or a combination of both.  View your target market instantly on the portal’s interactive map.



Update budgets

Set monthly budgets and track real-time spend throughout the month.  Receive email notifications when your run rate indicates funds will expire prior to month end.



Dealer Summary
Dealer Summary Report

View Leads, Sales and Close Rates by lead supplier for complete performance transparency.  Only SmartLeads provides this level of clarity!



Dealer Detail Match
Dealer Detail Match Report

View sales disposition of all leads that indicates whether the customer is still in market, has purchased a new or used vehicle from your dealership, or purchased from another same-brand dealership.

SmartLeads Dealer Detail Match Report


National District Ranking
National Region and National District Rankings

View either regional or district performance and rankings at a national level based on close rates.


District Dealer Ranking
Region District and District Dealer Rankings

View district performance and rankings at a regional level and dealer performance and rankings at a district level based on close rates.