Dealer Bill of Rights

Trilogy respects your rights.

  • The right to receive the industry’s highest quality leads
  • The right to have poor quality leads filtered by the SmartLeads scoring model and returned to the lead generator at no cost
  • The right to know which leads are the highest priority so dealership sales teams know which prospects to contact first
  • The right to know the source of every lead
  • The right to monthly performance reports that provide complete transparency by reflecting closing rates at the dealer level, on an individual lead basis, and indicating leads sold by other same brand dealers
  • The right to return any lead without condition or question
  • The right to pause or cancel an account at anytime without costs or onerous notification periods
  • The right to establish a target market with any dimension of zip codes or mileage radius
  • The right to participate in the industry’s highest ROI lead program
  • The right to partner with a supplier that truly puts the dealer’s interest first