Our Technology

SmartShop is built on Trilogy’s 3rd generation enterprise Automotive Retail Platform (ARP) used by the largest automotive OEMs in the world.  The foundation of Trilogy’s patent-pending ARP technology is a singular unified automotive data warehouse to insure that all SmartShop digital applications are populated from the same data source — guaranteeing consistent vehicle data displayed on all your digital applications.  Being built from the ground up for automotive, ARP’s database architecture is flexible, extensible, and scalable to allow for integrating even the most complex vehicles and business rules. Pricing, incentives, product spec data and more can be updated in near real-time across all SmartShop applications simultaneously making inconsistent data on digital sites a thing of the past.


… all SmartShop digital applications are populated from the same data source …

Trilogy’s ARP is SaaS based and can consume data through various methods, combined with a unified data warehouse along with a series of RESTful API’s that have been customized to support the automotive industry.  This technology creates a highly scalable and secured “Auto-Cloud” that can be leveraged across the entire consumer digital ecosystem that includes web, mobile, tablet, and more.

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The power of ARP is found in its versatility, consistency and speed to market.  This type of infrastructure creates a paradigm shift across the automotive shopping experience and allows the OEM to focus on what’s important to them:  The automotive world.

Through leveraging ARP’s comprehensive and easy to use flexible RESTful APIs, creating new applications, as well as new features, are quick and easy.  This significantly reduces the time to market for new digital tools to help improve conversion and dealership traffic.

Our ARP technology is supported by extensive deployment guidelines and best practices, application performance monitoring, industry-leading data security and handling procedures and comprehensive redundancy and disaster recovery protocols.

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