Advanced Analytics


Advanced Analytics – Data That Drives Results

SmartShop digital applications are constantly evolving.  This happens via comprehensive click-stream and consumer behavior analysis on each digital site.  One example includes comparing and contrasting shopping behavior between various referring sources — like SEM, SEO, and Social Media — to optimizing user engagement and ensuring the optimum content is served up for the user.

SmartShop digital applications are constantly evolving.

All SmartShop applications include ongoing A/B, multivariate, and other testing methods designed to optimize shopping experiences to increase conversion and user satisfaction.  Our program management team sets up a weekly cadenced “test and optimize” process to insure there is continuous user behavior learning.  The end results are promptly used to drive design improvements when appropriate.

SmartShop’s tracking and reporting includes base lining user behavior across each digital application — from the first pageview all the way through the lead lifecycle through to the ultimate purchase or lost sale.  All of this data is reported within a world-class comprehensive singular Business Analytics dashboard.  With a complete BI Dashboard integration, online to offline close loop analytics can be obtained to help with modifying media buys around the most effective digital media activities.