posted on 7 July, 2014 by Trilogy

AUSTIN, TX, July 7, 2014 – Two auto dealer advocates are coming together to provide money and time saving innovations to auto dealers nationwide. Dealer United, an online membership based automotive dealer marketplace has selected Trilogy SmartLeads as its third party auto lead provider. The announcement was made today by Michael Richards, President of Trilogy Automotive.

“We listen to our dealer members in order to find out what products and services they are looking for,” explained Dealer United Chief Executive Officer Pete Petersen. “One of the most requested services is highly qualified third-party leads for both new and used cars. Following an extensive look into third-party lead providers, we’re excited to announce that we have selected SmartLeads.”

To assist these dealers in generating qualified leads, Trilogy’s SmartLeads provides the automotive industry’s highest quality third-party leads for new and used cars. This technology qualifies vehicle leads with a patented scoring engine.

“Nearly 80% of auto purchasers began their search using a search engine and auto dealers depend on qualified online leads to spur sales,” explained Richards. “We’re delighted to provide Dealer United and its 6,000 dealership members access to the highest quality third-party leads in the automotive industry.”

SmartLeads features the following:

  • SmartLeads Scoring Technology: Trilogy uses comprehensive data mining combined with statistical predictive modeling to determine whether or not each lead has been submitted from a shopper with genuine intent to purchase.
  • Total Transparency: User-friendly metric reports clearly identify where each and every lead originates, so dealers and consultants understand where the lead originated.
  • No Questions Asked Credit Policy: Dealer can return any lead for any reason through a dealer controlled portal that allows them to customize lead settings, request and track credits and set budget real-time.

About Trilogy Automotive
For over two decades, Trilogy has been revolutionizing the automotive industry through a combination of relentless innovation and a commitment to customer success. Trilogy Automotive’s patented technology solutions range from custom and client driven to turnkey configuration, design and lead management systems, and have powered leading automotive companies such as Ford, GM, Nissan, Chrysler, Toyota, Hyundai, Kia, Volvo, Jaguar and AutoNation. A division of Trilogy Inc., the business has the benefit and resources of one of the world’s largest privately held software companies. Learn more at

About Dealer United
Dealers United is membership based online marketplace consisting of over 6,000 dealerships nationwide. Founded on the principle that independently owned dealerships do not receive the same discounts as large dealer groups, Dealers United works to ensure that every dealer, regardless of its size, has an equal opportunity to grow and succeed in this industry. Dealers United listens to its dealer members to find out what products and services they are looking for, and then takes action on their behalf by researching and negotiating those products. Dealers United’s mission is to significantly improve its members’ dealerships by delivering industry leading products and services that will help them save time, cut costs and sell more cars. Learn more at