20+ Year Reputation of Delivering High Value Solutions

About Trilogy

Trilogy’s mission is to improve the automotive purchase experience for consumers around the world by supporting original equipment manufacturer’s and dealers with innovative software solutions, digital applications and consumer insights.


Trilogy is a global entrepreneurial company with a rich history and a vast portfolio of enterprise-class software and service solutions targeted to the automotive industry. Trilogy has built a distinguished reputation over the past 20 years by solving the most difficult business challenges, consistently pioneering innovative solutions and by disrupting the status quo to deliver uncompromised customer success. Trilogy proudly operates on the notion of “Guaranteed Business Value” which means clients are not charged unless the promised value is delivered.

Trilogy services range from turnkey solutions to custom; client-driven solutions in a variety of product categories including website development and platform based applications, lead management and distribution, configuration management, demand intelligence and business insight generation. Trilogy’s patented technologies power some of the automotive industry’s best business solutions including the award winning Ford Direct digital platform. Our products are built from the ground up to scale and accommodate infinite growth. We take tremendous pride in our ability to solve the most difficult business challenges.

Trilogy has enjoyed decades of profitable success working with numerous Global 1000 companies since it was founded in 1989. Today, Trilogy is focused specifically at the automotive industry and has been recognized as an innovative and ambitious Company by Forbes, Fortune, Newsweek, Harvard Business Review and many others.

Trilogy is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with offices in Bangalore, India and Hangzhou, China.